Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two Posts in One Day

This secondary post is more of a pep talk to self, following a dismal week of weight loss -- I actually weigh more after a week of dieting and exercise than I did at the beginning!

Trying to stave off the self-pity and despair and self-loathing. So tired of the bulgy midriff that is both (1) the nastiest-looking physical feature right now and (2) the only part of me besides my face that shows in nearly all of my clothing combinations. Whose idea was it to make nursing shirts the same length as regular shirts?? Between the slightly (ever so slightly) too-big maternity pants and the too-short nursing shirts, everybody in town has probably seen my garnet stretch marks and the misshapen, deflated-balloon belly that I have. Not that I didn't earn it. I could probably manage to be proud of it if I tried. But I think there should be more physical dignity in the postpartum period. How about clothes that cover me all the way up? Would that be so wrong?


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  1. I hate nursing shirts!!! It doesn't matter what shape you are, they aren't designed to look good at all unless you spend $60 on them, which I refuse to do!