Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Mess

Just for fun, a list of the messes created by C between 2pm and 8pm today:

1. All shoes emptied from shoe bucket in front hallway and strewn about the general area (the Curiosity Mess)
2. 50 poker chips (we were making stacks) slid all over the front hall, shuffleboard style, when I went to answer the phone and it was discovered that doing that was more fun than making stacks. (the I Should Have Known Mess)
3. Rice from the rice box (like a sandbox, but with rice) flung into the floor in the front hall. (The Exploration Mess)
4. Brightly colored foam squares, distributed liberally throughout living room (See "the I Should Have Known Mess")
5. Books. Everywhere. (the Bond With Mom While N Eats Again Mess)
6. Couch pillows on the floor (the Why Do I Bother To Have Couch Pillows Mess)
7. Toy hammer in tabletop organizer (Hey, you never know when you might need it...)
8. General toy disarray (this is more extensive than it might sound)

1. Half a 7-Up spilled on the table, chair, and floor. (Parental indulgence while getting over a fever)
2. Old rolling pin stuck in front of fridge ("I'm a steamroller!" [I am also highly distractable])
3. Chicken tender with one bite taken out of it (Detritus of the nonexistent toddler appetite)
4. Computer mouse with barbecue sauce on the cord (This is a long story but it is at least 50% my fault)
5. Used straw on floor (from the 7Up debacle)
6. Fifteen kernels of black oil sunflower seed, spilled from the bag of birdseed he somehow got out of the pantry and set on the floor (the It Could Have Been Much Worse Mess)

And yet I somehow got it mostly cleaned up. I think constant vigilance is the only option, am I right? This is war, people! War! ;D

Sorry, it's much too late and my headache medicine cocktail is finally kicking in. Goodbye migraine, hello... crazy?


  1. I forgot, also four empty juice boxes lined up on the ottoman like empty beer cans after a frat party.

  2. My goodness that gave me a headache. Thank you for the birth control!

  3. Mild messes, all things considered!