Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have mentioned here before that my last remaining "before I'm 30" goal is to publish something, and I wanted to give an update.

First, my confidence is bolstered by the online publication of my post to a national/international blog, "Modestly Yours," to which I am a contributor, along with nationally recognized author Wendy Shalit. I wrote Wendy an email about two years ago telling her how much I enjoyed her book, A Return to Modesty, and she wrote back and a few months later invited me to join the blog. So click here to view my post, "Pornography and Social Stratification": http://blogs.modestlyyours.net/

I want my name printed on paper, though, and to that end I have two things in the works: a story that I am submitting to an as-yet-undetermined source. I am not sure which would be best, and with a minimum amount of time before my self-imposed publication deadline, I want to send it someplace where it might actually be accepted. So I am still trying to decide that.

I am also drafting an article about how motherhood has changed my view of Catholicism, and will be submitting it shortly to a Catholic magazine.

Keep your fingers crossed! :)

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