Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mutual Otters

My defining moment for today is one of the few moments in which I could tell that B was the one for me.

He and I had gone to the local mini-zoo, where one of the main attractions is a little pool of otters. As a girl they were always my favorite, because they were awake while everything else there was asleep. They dive, swim, splash, and look at you with their adorable little liquid eyes, their old-man whiskers. We discovered that we shared this enjoyment of the happy otter exhibit.

A few days later I was going to meet B and his uncle at the bowling alley after work for beers and a game. I had a weird stretch of green lights all the way through town, through about a dozen traffic lights, in rush hour traffic. It was strange. Then, at the bowling alley we were chatting and I said I thought it would be cool to have an otter pond at your house.

"What should we name our otters?" asked B.

Our otters. Sweeter words have never been spoken. I knew that if we were sharing hypothetical otters, this must be serious. I think we decided on naming one of them Anjelica Huston -- I don't remember the other names. :)

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  1. We actually went to the same local mini-zoo today after brunch - since the weather was so nice and we were on our motorcycles. Those otters were hiding somewhere, not a glimpse. The bears and panthers were in plain view, but were asleep, as was the alligator. The bald eagle, however, was alert and ready for anything!