Monday, May 17, 2010


N won't sleep unless I'm holding or at least touching her, and I can't do the kind of cardio I need to do when I am holding her. Plus, it's stressful to always hold her, and to know that when I put her down (for a shower, to cook something, or to change my clothes) that chances are very good she will start screaming.

So I'm shelving the weight loss for now. Until she naps lying down, I will just have a goal of getting exercise every day. If I lose weight, I lose weight, and if I don't I won't be any worse off than I am now.

Here's hoping things ease up a little, soon.


  1. Just do make sure to do some ab/back muscle workout. I really messed up my back with Colin b/c he never wanted to be put down and I didn't work out my abs/back. I overcompensated by using my back muscles all the time since I had a c-section and ended up with a herniated disc. Btw, the holding all the time does end. When Colin realized that there were cool toys to play with and look at, he was a bit happier to lay on the floor on his play mat for a while. I guess C wasn't as clingy?

  2. Great blog! I'm sure things will ease up soon. Does she like to go on walks with you? That's my favorite way to de-stress and do a little light exercise. I imagine it would be hard walking with two little ones, but maybe you can do it? I say, don't worry about weight loss, just do what you can to stay happy and healthy and all in one piece. :)

  3. Heather, C had a similar clingy phase, and it was just a phase -- starting at about his actual due date and extending for six weeks, he would scream if we weren't touching him. Ben and I used to sleep in shifts ;D N is approaching 6 weeks from her due date, so we'll see how it goes ;D