Friday, May 21, 2010


There is a lot of buzz around the Nash house these days.

First of all, B's EP is coming out soon, and he and his band Letchwurth are very busy preparing for their CD release party next month. The latest bit of the project is a music video. I have seen the drafts and it looks pretty cool to me :) Creepy and strange and highly skilled. I think it's a great musical pairing between him and his band mate... very excited to see him roll up in a limo on the big day :) (Sorry, hon, I know little smiley emoticons don't go with your band's image, but I can't help it. Here's a snaggle-tooth vampire, for something a little darker: >;F

Secondly, the biggest cause of excitement is our ROAD TRIP coming up in a week. We are going to a tiny little touristy hamlet in North Georgia which I am so so so so excited about. One thing that B and I bonded about immediately, back when we were dating, and probably one of the reasons why I knew he was for sure the one for me is that we both have a very deep and abiding desire to take those terrible, nostalgic, torturous/wonderful Griswold-style road trips with a car full of kids. So finally we are going to pack up the truck and go :) It is so ill-advised, hitting the road with a two month old, but at this point I feel like you can either stay home and try to make your inherently-inconvenient life seem convenient, or you can embrace the chaos and just go. And the more I ease into the mom-of-two thing, the more I think that Just Go is going to be our strategy for a long time. Life is inconvenient by definition with two young kids, so why sweat it?

And I get to go to a place called "Hansel and Gretel's Candy Kitchen." Come on. What more could a girl want??


  1. best Luck! You never know, maybe N being forced to be alone in the carseat will help her feel more secure by herself.

  2. The GPS will help lessen the stress of mapping and navigational duties. I'll be in touch to give you a tutorial to using "SHIRLEY" - our GPS! She has taken us all over the eastern seaboard --- including to my true hometown ... and back!