Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Fam

I love my little family so much. It's a lot of work and a considerable amount of chaos, but geez, it's amazing.

N is growing so fast. Laying across my lap, she looks like she is twice as long as she was when she was born, and she is getting so substantial and baby-fatty :) I love it. She has started blowing bubbles while she hums -- it's maybe the most adorable baby thing ever. In my memory, I don't think C ever did that. She coos, giggles, smiles, squeals, and has recently started grabbing my face. She absolutely loves interaction. When I have someone over to watch her, all they have to do it make faces at her and feed her every once in a while. I am thinking she might be kind of extroverted, and good for her! I have to admit it is a secret hope of mine that my kids don't inherit my painful shyness. I had such a hard time relating to other kids when I was little, and I love the idea that my kids might not have that same challenge. Of course, if they do, I suppose I will be in a good position to help them through. In any case, I love how chatty they are.

And C. What can I say about him?? I can't put it in words. He has started reenacting the X-Games movie, doing "dirt bike jumps" on his little tricycle, which is adorable enough as it is, but he also requires a costume of gloves and a helmet. He pretends to jump, then he throws the bike down on its side and says "It creeashed!" Then he mimes ripping open the velcro on the back of his gloves the way Ricky Carmichael does. OMG. Yesterday he told B that he wants to ride dirt bikes when he grows up.

He's still afraid of the vacuum, though, so we'll see ;D

The big news around the house is that he is starting preschool at the end of August, which I am very excited about, because I think he will really enjoy the structure and interaction and learning new things in a new environment. I am waiting to see if I feel those pangs of mommy-tears or anything, but so far I just feel really joyful about it. I feel like there are things he needs that I can't really supply here at home, mainly interaction with friends his age and learning to be in a classroom-type setting, and I look forward to seeing him learn new songs, new games, manners, etc. I know my little man will do a great job.

The newborn chaos is tapering off, which is a great, great blessing. I am getting to enjoy the kids again, rather than just feeling crazy and overwhelmed, and I am discovering that they are so, so delightful. Really skilled at making messes, but delightful nonetheless. :)

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  1. Awesome! :) I love the dirt bike story. So cute!