Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playing Cars

This evening I got to play cars with C as N laid in her bassinet and played with the little velcro elephants that hang over her head. Down on the vinyl tile in the hallway, following along with his play narration, I lost track of time and got to spend 20 minutes in his own play world. It is amazing how much his imagination has grown just in the past month or so. He told me a story, complete with "Once upon a time." He learned the phrase "a little help!" -- called out when you fall over -- from a Veggie Tales video, and now all of his cars flip upside down and call out "a little help, orange car! A little help, silver car!" Then the car that was called on has to drive over and help the other car flip right side up. Then the car that fell over thanks the car that helped him flip right side up, and they decide what to do next.

The subject matter of his play was so sweet and lovely -- the cars were helping each other, racing each other, and giving each other good things to eat. They like what he likes -- blueberries, cereal, and cupcakes are their most common meals, and they give each other strawberry milk to drink. They went to the playground at one point, going down slides and riding the see-saw. They also check each other's tires all the time to make sure they are okay, and comment on how much they like the things that the other trucks can do. (For example, the monster trucks get a lot of compliments from the other cars about how high they can jump.)

It was really, really fun. I haven't played like that in a while. It was fun visiting his world, and seeing how lush the scenery is. It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood memories, playing Barbies with my sister. For hours.

Oh, man... Barbies... I have a girl now, I might get to play Barbies again someday soon! :D


  1. When I was reading this I remembered when we used to play Barbies at your house and make them clothes! Then you wrote about playing with them. Heather and I used to spend hours, no days playing Barbies. Good old days.

  2. I remember Angela and I would come home from school and play until dinner, then eat and play until bedtime. We were so serious about it! :)