Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gold Star

Today I get to put two foil star stickers on my calendar -- a blue one for eating well, and a green one for exercising. Call me old fashioned, but I love a good star chart. It ignites something competitive in me that is helpful when trying to get up off my butt and change something.

On day three of working hard with no measurable results, but I'm not giving up yet. I can say that as I was doing the Shred video this evening, the sit-ups were a little easier, which is fantastic because I hate sit-ups. Not for the ab workout, but for the fact that they make my neck hurt a lot.

Speaking of hating certain exercises, I hate jumping jacks. They also make my neck hurt, and my head, and after three days of Shred workouts last week I was sidelines with a migraine on the fourth day and have only gotten back on track in the past two days. So I think I have to go a little more low-impact than Ms. Michaels would have me do, just because I get tired of popping ibuprofen and feeling like my spine is compressing every time I jump up and down. So I do a little modified jog or a less jumpy jumping jack during the cardio parts of the video. I have a lot less pain, and I know I am not getting as good of a workout but I think that's how it is going to have to be until I drop ten or fifteen pounds. I just have too much on my frame to be jumping it around right now, at least comfortably. And dreading migraines makes me want to skip workouts, which is the road to Nogoodville.

So I am still hanging on, dejectedly/hopefully pasting stars to my calendar, and really really really hoping for some results soon. And hating people who lose ten pounds by making a tiny change. Not really hating them, just feeling an envy that borders on psychosis. I don't know if I can explain how hard this change is for me, I am still pretty much counting it in hours rather than days. I want results so bad I would pay for them. So here's hoping something wakes up this body of mine and inspires it to *burn* some of its fat store.

I am popping sugar-free candy and drinking water and just hanging on.


  1. sugar free stuff always made me hungrier...the more diet coke I drank the less I wanted to avoid food. Apples save me sometimes. Although I failed miserably yesterday with self control so you can ignore me today.

  2. LOL, your thoughts are valuable no matter what kind of day it is :D I can't do sugar-free stuff across the board, but the sugar-free hard candies are a good way for me to calm the sweet tooth when it gets really bad. I consider them a "not ideal but better than eating a doughnut" solution ;D Apples are good but there are only so many apples a person can eat ;D