Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Losing It

Just some thoughts about the weight loss journey, as it is really difficult right now and I think that writing about it is more positive than eating a bunch of cookies.

First of all, man, am I addicted to sweets! When I don't give into my cravings, they get stronger and stronger, like a little voice whispering "caaaaake cooooookies piiiiiiiie caaaaaaandy" in my ear. It's just ridiculous.

Also, I am curious to hear if anyone else has this experience, when I am cutting back on my sugary vices all of my feelings are so much more raw -- I am more emotional in general (which I hate!) and the answer to everything seems to be "eat some junk." I am in the process of reprogramming myself with different things to do when I need to take 5 minutes to myself. Instead of cookies... tea! I have found some dessert teas that take the edge off, but nothing is like the real thing. Yeah, I am totally an addict.

I am also in my least favorite phase of weight loss, and I am just trying to hang on -- the phase when I am exercising and eating right, but because it has only been 48 hours instead of weeks or months, I don't see any results yet. It is so hard to keep on when I feel like I am putting effort in and getting nothing back. I know it is just a matter of waiting for a day and then a week and then a month, but changing habits is so hard, I feel all whiny and I want some results... now! Stomping my feet like a toddler. I am wondering when it gets easier, because in my previous attempts I have stopped before it got easier. So I am just trying to hang on. Hang on. Hang on.



  1. You will laugh. I haven't had ice cream for 6 months. Seriously. It is the one thing I cannot get enough of if I start eating it. Cookies/cake I have "occasionally" with the caveat that I have to exercise more if I do. In the beginning I did what you are doing and it is so important to start that way or the old habits just come back! My favorite tea is vanilla chai! :)

  2. Best luck!

    I've been having a really hard time getting back to my better eating habits as well. I used to buy expensive dark chocolate candy bars and eat only one or two squares after lunch and after dinner and that was it for sweets for the day. What a freak I was! How did I do that? Hopefully I can figure it out soon!

  3. Evie, I am right there with you. I have almost no control when it comes to ice cream -- it is everything terrible that I love, all rolled into one. I can resist a cheap ice cream, but the gourmet stuff? Are you kidding? I had to go cold turkey too, because it is really hard for me to be moderate with ice cream. I admire your ability to eat just a little cake -- if something is fresh-baked, I will eat 2 or 3 times what I should, if not more. Like hot fresh banana bread? My nemesis. ;D

    Thea, I totally know what you mean. That is what I am doing this week (3 days so far) -- I got a bar of Lindt 85% cocoa, and I get one square after dinner with some berries. So far it is working. I am having Ben bring me some sugar free candies on his way home, because sometimes I need something to chew on to get me through a craving. It really is like an addiction!!