Monday, July 12, 2010

Dream House

A long time ago I read a post by one of my favorite authors, Annie Proulx, in which she described her perfect house. I have been thinking of it today, and here are my ideas. If anyone has some spare millions they want to donate to this cause, just let me know ;D

The space would be divided into two halves: utility space and living space. On the utility side there would be a giant laundry room with two washers and two dryers, large folding tables, and everyone's closet and bureaus. No clothes would ever go into bedrooms. Three spacious dressing rooms with good lighting and full length mirrors would be part of this room as well. Adjacent to this laundry room would be two full bathrooms with sink, toilet, shower, and garden tub, with a separate on-demand water heater for each bathroom.

Attached to this space would be the home gym -- a treadmill, elliptical, weight machines, excercise bike, and hot tub/sauna.

Additionally, in the utility side of the house would be a big room like a shower stall, with a drain in the floor and various hoses, showerheads, etc. It would be comfortable enough for art projects and other messy activities with little kids, and when the activities are done, you just wash all the mess down the drain and march the kids to the shower and laundry room for new clothes. Also good for washing the hypothetical dog which we may one day have.

On the living side would be a family room with large TV, game systems, comfortable chairs, etc., a library with an adjacent office for reading and working, and large, comfortable bedrooms for everyone. Also, connecting the utility space and living space would be a meditation room with almost nothing in it, and a large window with a great view.

Add a recording studio for B and an art and play room for the kids. In the center of the house with a dining area and bar would be a huge professional-style kitchen with a drain in the floor also, and a big flattop grill. And of course one of those professional dishwashers that cleans everything in ten minutes.

Ta da! My most hated chore, dishes, would be made easier, and my second most hated chore, putting away clean clothes, would be taken care of as well. Living space would be just for living, and any mess/clutter would accumulate in the utility areas, right next to the right place for taking care of the mess.

And of course, you are all invited for dinner! ;D


  1. Also, no carpeting in the utility areas or shared living areas. Carpet only in bedrooms.