Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in Balance

I have been delaying my next post because last week I had so many deadlines, I was just working, working, working. This week is much better and I am enjoying my time as Mom and even some time as just me.

N is easily rolling over now, and she does a little inchworm-crawl in combination with rolling over. It gets her across the room but not necessarily with any intention -- she just sort of moves around willy nilly, ending up wherever she will, whether it's under the piano, trying to crawl through a wall (Ow! Mom! My head keeps cramming into this baseboard, no matter how many times I try it! See? Ow! Ow!), or rolling across C's cars and trucks like a bulldozer.

It's funny to me how much less concerned with germs I am with N than I was with C. I was joking with mom the other day that with C, we did everything but boil the carpets. I remember washing everything in water so hot it scalded my hands, and wondering whether I should boil his apple juice to sterilize it before I gave it to him. Now, I pick a pacifier up off the floor, run it under the faucet for a second, and poke it in. ;D

N is also cooing, giggling, gurgling, and blowing bubbles now, which is maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen. C never blew bubbles, but N loves it. I look over at her and and goes grbblllllvvt and then smiles a drooly smile at me. I am not sure why being a parent makes me think that drool is cute, but there you go.

C is preparing for school, which is he very excited about, but I think I may be even more excited. With all due respect to my homeschooling friends, I am not sure how I would ever manage that -- I have a hard enough time keeping him occupied in playtime, and to be completely honest I am looking forward to him having some productive time away from home. I think the biggest thing is that when I can't give him enough attention, whether it's because I'm taking care of N or because I'm working, I feel twinges of mom guilt. But if I know that he is learning and making friends and playing, then I feel good and I know that it is healthy and right. There may be some adjustment but I think he is going to do really well there. We have orientation tomorrow to meet the teachers and see his classroom.

I am working on a story/article idea that is too un-formed to discuss in any coherent way, but I am excited about it. I finally entered my story into a contest. My goal was just to submit it somewhere, and I did it! :) I find out the results of the context of September 30, and then probably find another place to submit it. That is, I will be submitting it somewhere else as long as I don't win the contest. ;D

My other big thing right now is that I am getting back on the fitness train. I had a good gym week 2 weeks ago, and then a really bad (nonexistent) one last week because of the deadlines, staying up too late, sleeping in too late, and dragging through the day. I am very glad to have a more balanced schedule this week.

B just had a root canal, his second in less than a month, and he is tired of getting dental work! He and his bandmate are preparing for their first couple of gigs, and excitement is running high. The latest preparation is a fog machine to add a little mystique to the show. I am very excited for the first gig, coming up at the beginning of next month!

Well, N beckons with an "I'm starving!" cry -- more later!

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  1. Glad for the update! Good to know things are going well!