Saturday, March 5, 2011

Steam Heat

So to continue my nerdy housewifely-type posts, the Happy Nashes just invested in an upright steam cleaner for the carpet (built-in heater!). It has changed my life. I cleaned some of the carpet already, and I don't know if it's just coincidence but everyone's allergies have calmed down considerably after a full week of sniffly, snotty torture. I always like developments that justify me spending money on new toys ;D

But now, a serious note. This thing threatens to advance me into full-fledged OCD (unless you are from my insurance company, in which case, I have no previous nor current diagnosis of any OCD or OCD-related mental illness, nor any symptoms thereof, nor do I know anyone with such symptoms nor have I ever read a work of fiction or nonfiction glorifying or otherwise justifying the presence of such an illness in one or more individuals). It is just so pleasing to clean carpet stains that have bothered me every time I saw them, it's like defeating an enemy. I talk to them as they disappear under the wide, heated, steaming path of the Bissell ProHeat Pet... "Take that! Ha HA! You thought you were invincible but you are DYING A QUICK AND SILENT DEATH haHAAAAA!" Let's say I get a little bit too involved in housecleaning sometimes. So, I want to put all my furniture in the front yard and painstakingly steam clean every inch of my house, while singing They Might Be Giants songs in my head, ignoring everything around me -- people, events, nighttime, daytime, mealtime....

But of course I don't. I keep it under control. But man, having the power to clean instead of quietly seethe at the unmoveable stains under my feet... it's fantastic. Thank you, Bissell. Thank you. :')


  1. We've been thinking about getting one of those! It's good to hear a glowing (or stain-free) recommendation. I can't wait to take down each stain nemesis. :)

  2. Jill, do it!! I have nothing but good things to say about it. Very user-friendly.

  3. you crack me up... though it does sound fun...

  4. I have a steam heat spot cleaner, but I wish I had a full-size cleaner. It's a bit tedious because my carpet is dirtier than I thought!