Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Party Pants

I put my party pants on this weekend, and had a great birthday celebration. Letchwurth and Electroplate serenaded the crowd with some fantastic musical stylings, and they played me a ZZ Top song in lieu of Happy Birthday ;D I loved it.

As I loudly told many people that night (no drinks were involved of COURSE... ahem...), I would have killed to have that party in high school, when I was desperate for coolness, which was always just out of my reach.

Reasons My Party Would Have Been the Ultimate Coolness Booster in High School:

1. Took place at a warehouse
2. Lots of older guys there... oh, wait, I'm that old now, too. Moving on:
3. Bands!
4. I am with the band(s)!
5. Red Solo cups filled with mixed drinks
6. Ice chest full of Bud cans
7. Band did a song dedicated to me
9. Biggest full moon in 20 years
10. I was wearing real cowboy boots

Superficial list? Yes. But when you were as un-cool as I was in your adolescent years, these kinds of things matter.

Also, it turns out that the secret to being cool is to stop worrying about being cool. Instantly you will become cool. If only I had known this earlier. ;D But being uncool built my character, I guess?

Aside from that, the healthy eating is going pretty well this week. No weight loss on the scale, but clothes are looser, a bit. The weather is LOVELY.

This and not much else, bumping around in my head these days. What about you?


  1. I still think the cops coming was just too bad ass.

  2. Right?? It was great. ;D

    Also, why are you reading blogs at 4am?

  3. The cops came???? Wow, maybe it's good that we left when we did. LOL