Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grocery Wars

I am working on the new eating/cooking plans that I have been writing about for the past week or so, and I have some successes to report!

First, I have used up nearly all of our veggies for this week, with a few veggies left that can easily get used before the end of the week.

I have made a couple of really good, inexpensive meals. I want to pass on 2 points of wisdom that have really helped me do better with the meal planning, not wasting, etc. One of these I learned from my friend Amber, whose budgeting prowess never fails to amaze me.

Amber's tip #1: Have handy catchall dishes that you can put almost anything into. She suggested soup and fried rice, which are nearly always ready for a random vegetable, bit of leftover meat or fish, etc. In fact, it's hard to think of any vegetable or meat that wouldn't fit into one of those two dishes, with the possible exception of iceberg lettuce and hot dogs. Luckily I don't have those two around anyway.

My tip #2: Plan exactly what you will do with everything you buy, and process it immediately when you get home. For example, this week when I got our veggie shipment, I immediately made a huge salad with all of the salad-type ingredients. The result was that I ate a lot of salad and none of the ingredients went bad before I ate them. This might not sounds like a big deal but I was always finding vegetables all nasty in the produce drawer. So, yay for not wasting food!

Then, with regard to the crazy idea I had about not eating flour or added sugar, it has actually gone well. On the first day, I had to cheat and eat pizza, because I didn't plan ahead and that was all that was available. But I ate two pieces, the end. I have a lot of energy. I don't know if it is a coincidence, because a lot of people are talking about having a lot of energy because of daylight savings time. But I really do feel good. We'll see how it goes. It's actually less hard than I thought it would be to avoid flour. Strangely enough I feel like I don't want cake and cookies anymore because I feel so good now. This is probably temporary, though. I am sure that I will start craving it again. ;D I do have to eat more often because (maybe?) I am "using up" what I eat, so I have to refuel a little more often. Any nutritionists out there who want to contribute their insight?

Today I made a really good vegetable soup with beans. Maybe a sort of minestrone. Yum! :)

Now, I have a bunch of potatoes because Ben doesn't eat them right now. Any ideas for something interesting to do with a bunch of potatoes?


  1. I was going to suggest potato bread as a possibility for those potatoes but that brings you right back to the flour. (Actually most of the interesting things I can think of to do with potatoes have flour in them -- latkes, gnocchi, etc.) You could always use them in vegetable stock.

  2. That could work, because I am not necessarily going to eat whatever it is that I make with the potatoes :)

  3. How's the lack of daytime FB going?

    (Can't have you getting too cocky about your achievements...)

    I've decided starting tomorrow, I'm drinking nothing but water and cutting out my nightly ritual of eating everything in sight. Pray...

  4. Erm... the daytime facebook is an off-and-on thing. I do better during the week, but on the weekend I sneak on. I can say I've definitely cut back. But really I am like a smoker who says they "quit smoking" even though they have a cigarette whenever they go out with their friends. (That's not a dig on you, BTW, just a comparison to my hypocritical facebook stance.) That's about where I am with that. Also slipping back into the cursing, mostly because of losing my keys, trying to use my iPod, and driving. (not at the same time)

    Drinking only water isn't a bad idea, but don't cut coffee! It's the lifeblood of a mom. Seriously. I miss it so bad and I drink about 8 cups of tea a day just to make up for it.

    I don't mean to be cocky, just am excited to be somewhat successful :) I have been walking in molasses since I got pregnant with Norah, so it's nice to feel effective sometimes! :D

  5. I am sure my next post will be about some domestic clusterbomb, like what almost happened when I changed N's diaper today. Urgh.

  6. Omg, my throat still hurts from those 305's...

    I think those things are designed to show you just how bad smoking really is.

    I don't really think you're cocky! I'm proud of you. I drank a coke the first day of my all water, and amazingly no water...