Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Developments

I am eating a piece of fresh-baked cornbread drenched in butter. It's the best, worthiest diet-buster I can think of. So good.

There have been some new and exciting developments around the Nash house this week. First and most exciting, N has begun sleeping better, and more importantly, sleeping earlier. Last night she slept from 8:45pm until 2:00am, and then woke up only once after that until the morning. 8:45 is such a civilized bedtime, much better than midnight. She is also finally organized into times when she eats, times when she sleeps, and times when she is happy and awake. This is a huge relief to me -- I can put her in the bouncy chair at my feet, talk to her, make faces at her, and do things on the computer like boring work or blogging. I can sense the beginning of the cute-squishy-baby phase, and the phasing out of the newborn-you-aren't-allowed-to-shower phase. It only gets better from here. It is still surprising to me how quickly she has progressed to this phase; I think I underestimated the effect that C's extended newborn phase had on me -- having a newborn for four months instead of two was just a really strenuous thing; it is nice to enjoy some early smiles and giggles from Norah already -- the payoff! :)

I also got some good advice from my Wise Husband this week, to stop comparing myself to what I think other people do -- I seem to have this idea in my head that everyone else is just sitting around with their hands folded in their calm, cool, color-coordinated homes, and I am the only one wading through toys and bicycles on the kitchen floor. But the general reality is probably much closer to my own, which is comforting, and allows me to just kind of chill out a little, which is always a good thing.

I was also worrying too much about C, worrying that he is not adapting well to N, etc., because he is more argumentative than he used to be. B just laughed and said, "He is *supposed* to be a pain in the ass right now! It's his age." So right, dear husband, so right. Since accepting this idea, my relationship with C is much less strained. I can just say to myself that he is supposed to be testy and fighty, and it doesn't feel like a personal failure when he is throwing a fit or something.

When you just look at this idea written out, I am sure it looks totally obvious -- of *course* a two and a half year old is supposed to argue and test -- but you might be surprised at the subtle little self-criticisms that pop up when you are a parent. Thank goodness for my level-headed husband, who can set me right pretty quickly.

I have to figure out how to post pictures on here... can anyone give me a quick tutorial?

Now thinking about what else I can put on cornbread. Molasses? Honey? (Wait, why can't I lose weight, again??) ;D

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