Saturday, June 12, 2010


Fellow parents, how do you deal kindly and lovingly with a toddler who is doing something that has to stop? (So I can't just ignore him until he stops doing the behavior.) For example, today C started screaming this constant, shrill yell about two feet outside of N's door while she was napping. It sort of rings out throughout the entire house and nothing I do can get him to quit, from hugs to consequences to yelling myself -- he just screams and screams, and the baby wakes up and then *she* screams... I find myself getting really negative, because it doesn't matter to him if he wakes N up, but it matters to me because I lose the time I had to shower, eat, work, etc.

How would you deal with this?


  1. I have no idea. Keith and I were talking about discipline today and how this is one area that neither of us have much experience with...I am looking for a good book. Btw, I remember one little boy that had to just be put outside sometimes when he went on screaming fits. :P