Friday, November 30, 2012

If my husband had a #Tumblr hashtag

When you clicked on it you would see

An adorable photo of him standing in front of the stove cooking scrambled eggs, a plate for him and one for each of the kids #barefoot in the kitchen

Action shot of playing drums in the bar. Low light. Hard to see but it's him, squee!

He is tired and falls asleep in the chair in front of Parks & Recreation episodes on AutoPlay #long day

GIF of him rocking out to Alice in the cab of his truck, not knowing he's being filmed #OMGHilarious

He tosses Norah high in the air and catches her again; she giggles and laughs, her mouth wide open, eyes wide open to the wonderful world #baby girl #awesome dad

Screenshot of his dinner #meat #cheese #mustard

Screenshot of cute texts from him during the workday #sigh #perfect

GIF of him giving the thumbs-up on the way out of a meeting #rockstar

His eyes when he sees me and he's glad to be home #Whither Thou Goest

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