Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Years Old!

Five years after the worst-and-best day of my life, when my son was born two months early, I am happy to find that the bad memories fade, and the good ones are brighter.

I mean, look at him! I love him so much.

He has taught me so much more than I have ever taught him. The lesson I am learning right now is slowing down to listen to him when he talks. 99% of the time, when he is whining, that is all he wants -- to be understood. Interestingly, this is also my life's ambition, and simultaneously one of the hardest things for me to do for someone else -- just listen and understand. It's strange to get to know your child and realize how similar the two of you are.

Today we went to the mall after school to meet with the cousins, and as we were getting out of the car Chris announced that he would keep on his birthday crown "so that everyone will recognize that it's my birthday." Usually he is hesitant to do anything that will call attention to himself, so I thought it was noteworthy. But to him it was just good sense. He's only had five (well, six) birthdays in his life, and probably only two that he can really remember. Best to savor the day, and make sure everyone knows that it is his own special day.

He has a way of becoming something, and then stopping, turning, and looking back at me to see if I have realized yet what he is. He learned his ABCs without me knowing, and just sang them to me one day. He uses bigger words than some of my college students can, and he only took seven months to grow before he was ready to be born and take on the world. I have the feeling that one day soon I will wake up and he will be grown, and doing something amazing with his life, and with his very specific talents, and he will turn back to see if I have noticed.

I am so excited to see what he will become.

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

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