Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hypo Active

All right my lovely readers! :) An update is in order.

Still waiting on lab results for the hypothyroid business, but in the meantime, I am tracking my temperature and blood sugar levels to take to the follow up appointment.

I don't want to freak anyone out, but I might be a zombie.

My temperature (on different thermometers, so I know it isn't a thermometer problem) has averaged 96.6 for the past four days. As low as 95.9, and up to 97.3 at its highest.


That is ridiculous.

The only explanation I can think of (besides hypothyroid) is that I am undead. I am not craving brains yet, but if I do, I'll let you know so that you can have time to run and hide from me.

Urrrghlll... RRRchhbbthbt.....

Or maybe I'm a vampire. Does that mean I have to read Twilight now, to learn more about my people? I hope not.

I have also been testing my blood sugar for signs of hypoglycemia (which is often a part of hypothyroid) and lo and behold I got several really low readings today( 55! 40!), and I was even eating very low glycemic stuff today - no sugar, no grain. On Thursday I am going to grit my teeth and do the orange juice test -- drink a glass of OJ on an empty stomach and test every 15 minutes to see what happens. I am guessing it will be kind of dire. Do not call me on Thursday morning. I do not pass out or get clammy when I have low blood sugar, but I do get really, really (really) mean.

All of this testing, with thermometers and glucose meters, makes me think how nice it would be if there were monitors for other things too, like Does This Food Really Fit My Diet or Am I Kidding Myself? or Am I Right or Wrong Right Now? We all know this scenario -- something happens and we have the opposite opinion of everyone else in the room. Or someone among our family and friends says something that seems horrifically offensive to us... but no one else notices. What if you could write it on a slip of paper, stick it in a meter, and get a readout about how out of line you are? What if it could even assign a percentage of rightness to each party?


I am walking toward the front door of a business, carrying Norah on my hip and with two bags on my shoulder. A young man runs in front of me and goes through the door first. Rather than holding it for 2 extra seconds so that I can push it with my one free hand, he lets it slam in my face. Who is more out of line? Him for doing that, or me for getting mad about it?

IMAGINARY DEVICE SAYS: Him 15% right because he is late to work and has to make it on time. Me 85% right because my daughter is so cute. (Okay, so maybe the reasons would be a bit more scientific. But you get the idea.) I win, but not 100%.

What situations would IMAGINARY DEVICE help you out of?


  1. Very interesting! When I was hyperthyroid (over treated hypothyroid) my temperature, as well as my heart rate, was slightly elevated. I'm glad you're finding clues!

  2. About the temperature: 98.6 used to be held up as the normal temperature, but I've had nurses taking my vitals at the doctor's office tell me that most people's normal body temp is between 97 and 98. So your 97.3 is pretty normal, although the 95.9 may indeed indicate undeadness. LOL

  3. Yeah, there's some variation, but I think 95.9 is a little extreme :)