Friday, May 20, 2011

Moving On

This has been a rough and discouraging week, from housekeeping to weight loss to health. I have been really really tired lately, and nothing seems to help, not even sleeping a lot. It just feels like something is out of balance, but I am not sure what.

Overall, it's one of those weeks where I feel like all I do is work, and yet nothing gets done. I have a headache right now, and I have taken medicine and it won't go away, and I haven't lost any weight for two weeks. I can tell I'm burning out when all of a sudden I am a giant pile of excuses. I get all negative with my weight loss group, start getting angry at people with their cliche advice about "watch portion size". The hard thing for me about weight loss frustration is that there is no one to blame -- I did the work, and I didn't get the results. It's literally no one's fault... but I'm still 23 pounds from my goal. And failure just makes me want Reese's cups even more ;D So far I have resisted, though. Honestly I probably just need a nap.

On the good news front, I have a funny story about Norah, or at least it's funny to me. Ben and Chris ate pizza last night for dinner, and this morning, I offered some cold pizza to C for breakfast (he likes it). The scene went something like this.

L: Want a piece of pizza?
C: Sure!
(I get him pizza and he starts eating it. Norah is watching closely.)
N: (babbling)
L: What, Norah?
N: Wa peesa peesa? Ya! (makes sign for "more" and points to the fridge)
L: You want a piece of pizza too?
N: Ya! (makes sign for more)

So I gave her a piece. What could I do?? She meticulously pulled off all the pepperoni and cheese and ate it, and then handed back the old triangle of bread. I think language development is the most fascinating part of watching babies grow up. I love it so much. I remember when C was a baby and first doing sign language, and he would sign "more" when I finished reading him a story that he liked, to tell me he wanted me to read it again. It probably doesn't sound that amazing, but when you have seen your little bean start out as a tiny yowling infant, every little thing they do to connect with the world is fascinating and amazing to you. And I like seeing that little spark of pride when they figure out how to tell you what they want. ;D

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. for what its worth, I thought you looked great this past sunday!!

  2. Thanks! :) I really appreciate the compliment. My problem is watching the scale. It varies so widely that I can be discouraged or elated, when really I am making slow steady progress. I just want so badly for those numbers to go down, you know? :p It's just my old impatience. I just really need to chill. :D