Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 3: Triumphs so far...

Little N is eating and growing a lot. It is hard sometimes having her attached to me for about 23.5 hours a day, but it is less difficult than I thought it would be. Chalk it up to her cuteness and the fabulous breastfeeding chemicals. :)

I am finding that the key to my happiness is wearing her in the sling -- she loves to just hang out in there, and it works whether we are out and about or at home. It works as I type (thank goodness!) and eat. I just wish it would work while I slept! :)

My biggest victory so far this week came yesterday. I got up with the idea of taking C out to burn some energy. I got the idea as I was praying about what in the world I could do to relate to him better, to overcome that little gap between us that had bene growing since N was born. We went to the playground and he ran around for a long time -- it seems like maybe physical activity is the way to keep him in a pretty good mood. He was much more mild and happy all day after having some time to wear himself out yesterday. He smiled at me without me having to tickle him, and we sang some of our old songs and had some fun yesterday. It warmed my old heart and made me feel like a mommy again. Yay! :) So now I want to try to work that sort of thing into most of our days. Where should we go today?? Hmm...

I also got the first draft of a story written -- I want to try to submit it, to check off the last item on my "Things to do by the time I turn 30" list. So far I have done everything except publish something. It it long overdue, so I have to try harder this year.

The "Little Bits" theory is working well so far also. For today, some teaching items and LAUNDRY. Blargh. ;D

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  1. I think doing little bits was the only way that I got through the day with Colin. I was also an avid sling-user. I still love that thing and he falls asleep faster in the sling than he does any other way!