Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sleep Magic

Problems Solved: (1) Newborn-Sleep dilemma (2) When-to-Teach dilemma

(1) A new configuration including a co-sleeper and a more comfortable bed yields a nearly-full night of sleep. I find that if I get 5-6 hours a night, I do fine, and I am getting somewhere between 5 and 7 hours of sleep. My most urgent prayer, answered. Thank you!

(2) Having decided to accept the contract beginning on 4/19, I sign on to accept it and discover that it closed a day earlier than I thought. I am offered a contract starting on 4/26, which I would much rather accept, and I do.

Today was a nice Saturday, lunch with a good friend who always helps me to feel like a real person. While eating tasty lunch at the organic grocery store, I see the parents of my arch-enemy exiting with their organic purchases. It turns out I still get a pursed-lip scowl from mom-of-enemy. Right back at you, Mrs. B! ;D

The story of my enemy: To call her an enemy is probably over-dramatic, but it goes something like this: I am friends with her from first grade until I am 25. When I get engaged, she becomes distant, when I get married she starts making up stories about me, and by my two-year wedding anniversary she has successfully turned most of our mutual friends against me to the point that they won't even speak to me to tell me why they all hate me. Welcome back to middle school! :) I tried for a while to negotiate things, but after a while I gave up. One truth I have discovered in my life is that when I consistently feel worse after spending time with someone, it is time to see less and less of that person. To me, it's a purely pragmatic decision. To her, evidence that I am heartless. Maybe I am; how would I know? :D One of the dubious advantages of living in the same semi-small town where you were born -- encounters like that one. Being so connected with your past, whether you want to or not.

The weather today was wonderful; a bit too pollenacious for my taste but other than that, delightful. Tomorrow I look forward to decluttering my bedroom; the piles of clean-and-dirty laundry have begun heckling me in the wee hours of the morning.

No more, ye laundry monsters! No more.

The latest dilemma -- I am feeling the urge to write write write, which this blog is helping to ameliorate somewhat; but I want to publish something (in print. on paper.) before I am 30. So, to find the proper (1) subject (2) market (3) amount of time in which to write and revise.


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