Friday, July 1, 2011

Bootleg Ratatouille

Six days without coffee! And I am still standing. Well, right now, I am sitting, but figuratively I am standing tall.

I finally ate all of the ugly-but-delicious lentil concoction, and today I made Bootleg Ratatouille from cubed zucchini and yellow squash (crookneck and straightneck), red onion, garlic, tomato sauce, fresh herbs from mom's herb garden, and a can of rinsed black beans. Sea salt and pepper. Oh my heck, so good.

A week into my eat-constantly regimen, I can say that it definitely helps with regulating energy. I am still working out the specifics, but it seems that vegetable + whole grain + legume is a great combination for steady energy.

I am eating whenever I am hungry, but eating smaller portions than I would have before. I thought this would be kind of bad for my weight loss goals, but I have lost two pounds already! I can't really believe it. I know it will slow down later, but hey, I'll take it! That puts me back at 163 after some yo-yoing for a long time between 162 and 168. So hopefully this will push me below that 160 threshold.

Exercising just a bit, here and there. May be able to do more and more of that as I get used to the new way of eating.

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