Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today we walked to the store instead of driving, and I was surprised by how short the walk was. For some reason it is easier to get the kids ready to go out for a walk than it is to get in the car. Perhaps it is all in my head, but it worked well.

I had Norah in the hiking carrier and Chris in the stroller. The weather was actuallya bit hot today (80 degrees) but it was dry and sunny and really pretty pleasant. Norah looked really cute in her little sunhat.

We attracted a lot of attention within the store, and on my way out someone asked me if I wanted a ride home -- I have noticed that people have a hard time believing that someone with kids would walk around on purpose. I am always surprised by people's generosity, though. Once when I was strolling down the sidewalk with C, a man stopped his car in the road, put on his hazard lights, and yelled out his window to make sure we were okay, and see if we needed to borrow his phone to make a call. Suburbia is sooooo dangerous ;D

One of the most pleasant parts of the walk was on the way home, when the sidewalk passed by this beautiful row of hedges, a long stretch that I never once noticed while driving, because it is placed right next to a section of the road where I am always trying to change lanes. There was breeze, and shade, and birds singing. It was a very gentle walk, and a reminder of the good little things in life.

It was good exercise and I enjoyed it. I am hoping to soak in as much outdoor living as possible before terrible prehistoric summertime strikes!

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