Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sanity Project

N turns 7 months tomorrow, and she just got her first tooth yesterday! Chomp chomp. You can't see it yet, but believe me, you can feel it! ;D

On Monday I am going to see a dietician to figure out what is going on -- I have a bunch of random problems that I think are all related to nutrition, so I just want to go and get it all squared away and figure out a solution. I am tired all the time, can't sleep when I have the chance, can't sustain any kind of weight loss regardless of what plan I follow, and don't really feel any hunger at all. It's weird. I could eat nothing or everything and it wouldn't feel much different. I just eat when I start to feel dizzy and weird, or whenever the next meal is supposed to come. I am also forgetful, agitated, and really tired of being large.

I had been hoping to get down to a weight about 15 lbs lower than where I am, so that I could feel more confident in the dress I am wearing in a wedding in a few weeks, but I tried everything and this is as good as it's getting. Super frustrating because I feel like me effort doesn't show -- I have a "lazy" body even though I've been anything but. Luckily no one else is as concerned with my weight as I am ;D

So I'm looking forward to meeting with the dietician, to see what she can tell me. I am quite impatient for it, actually.

On Sunday I worked my last day for one of my college teaching gigs, and I am very very very glad for the break. I was burning out on it pretty quickly -- it was hard work and not very rewarding. The remaining college that I teach for is my favorite -- the work is defined much better and I really like the people. It's good. I have one more push of final grading and then I will be done with college #1 for the near future, and I am really looking forward to a saner schedule. For the past 6 months I have been teaching 3 classes at once, with a schedule of watching the kids from 8am to 9pm, chill for 20 minutes or so, then work from 9:30 or 10pm until about 1am, sometimes later if grades are due. Then fall in bed, get up 1-2 times in the night to feed Norah, then up at 8am to start again. It's no wonder my whole house is a wreck and I don't know which way is up. Am really looking forward to a bit of sanity again.

Maybe after this first bout of teething, N will chill a bit in her sleep habits. My ideal schedule would be to go to bed at 10 or 11, then get up around 6 to work for 2 hours before the kids get up. I tend to work really well in the early morning. So maybe I can find a day to "switch" my schedule -- the challenge with changing that way is that I have to find a day when I don't need to stay up until 1 to finish things, so that I can get up at 6 without putting myself at a terrible deficit. I am praying for sometime this week, maybe Wednesday night/Thursday of this week.

Is there a patron saint of mothers getting enough sleep? ;D

The only other news right now is getting ready to go on our trip to the wedding -- things are shaping up well and I am feeling really good about it. I think we will have a good time. I am sure we will have some crazy story about a meltdown in a really inconvenient place, or something really funny. Looking forward to the adventure! :)

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  1. I hope things calm down for you soon. I just finished an online gig too and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Isaac has also been teething but it hasn't - thankfully and knock on wood - affected his sleep. Good luck getting your nutrition stuff figured out; my stomach has been hurting for days and I think it's due to laziness and forgetfulness as well. Half the time, I'm not even eating dinner. Ridiculous!