Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When the weather turns fall-ish I always want to go camping, and I have bouts of nostalgia for my hiking days. Specifically:

-The smell of a little camp stove boiling away with some camp food. Mealtime was such a special time on the trail because we were working so hard, we actually needed everything we ate. And call me crazy, but meals taste better in the woods.

-Opening the tent for the first time in the morning. To feel cool air, smell that fresh smell, and see a mule deer? A chipmunk? Wildflowers?

-Distance. Thinking about real life is so much easier when you're not actually in it.

-Simplicity. When you have to carry everything, you can pare down your "needs" to a very short list.

-Carbs. ;D

One day I look forward to hiking and camping with my family! :) What's your favorite camping spot?


  1. Honestly, it's not something I did very much. My parents weren't into it and the only time I went, was with this father/daughter YMCA thing. I am trying to convince my husband that we could totally do it but he went to this rock climbing place in North Georgia and decided he's not cut out for sleeping bag living. :(

  2. Rent a cabin at a state park -- you have the fun of camping -- outdoor grilling, "wilderness," etc., but also a bathroom and walls and a roof. We rented a barrel cottage in Unicoi SP in Helen, GA and it was absolutely lovely. And, like $75 a night for 2 BR, kitchen, LR, 1BA, back deck overlooking mountain + lake, and front porch. It's a good compromise.

  3. We went when N was only 2 months old and it worked fine.

  4. we're taking simon camping in two weeks. it was fun when he was just crawling, but we'll see how it goes now that he is running!